Love My Human Townhouse

Love My Human Townhouse
Love My Human is a dedicated business for dogs, cats and their owners.
Situated on the King’s Road, at number 308 King’s Road is the high end pet boutique and luxury groomers. At 330 King’s Road is their newly opened Dog friendly café, dog daycare rooms and canine complementary health consultation rooms.
The Love My Human Townhouse dog friendly cafe serves freshly prepared meals for both dogs and owners with a dog menu devised by trained dog nutritionists. Above the café situated on the first floor is our tailor-made home away from home Townhouse creche where level three qualified professional dog carers are on hand to take care of our four legged guests
The top floor of the Townhouse is dedicated to canine health, renowned dog therapists who practice a range of complementary canine health therapies such as Laser Therapy, Dog acupuncture and massage will conduct their consultations and treatments.

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Welcome back to the King’s Road

Our shops have reopened and our restaurants are now open for indoor and alfresco dining in the spring sunshine. We want to reassure you that your safety remains paramount, measures are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

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